Coral Active

Simplify Unify Accelerate

Coral Active’s customizable agent desktop and automation deliver the leading Agent Experience and contact center Agility.

Coral Active Drives Enterprise Contact Center Performance

Coral Active delivers a unique combination of a simple, easy-to-use agent desktop with process automation and deep integration of diverse contact center technologies.


Smooth Cloud Migration

  • Increase strategic flexibility in your cloud migration and CCaaS strategy
  • Unique capability to unify CCaaS and legacy CTI systems in a single desktop
  • Seamless migration of your contact center to the cloud
  • Transparently transfer calls between CCaaS and CTI systems

Improve Agent Experience and CX

  • A simple, yet powerful, agent desktop
  • Better Agent Experience drives great Customer Experience
  • Automation saves times and simplifies AX
  • Fully customizable desktop for each agent group and line of business
  • Agility to continuously improve workflow and hit pain-points

Support Multiple CRMs

  • Unify multiple CRMs into a single desktop experience
  • Leading CRMs solutions are supported
  • Create custom connections to APIs and internal business systems
  • Process Automation of transactions across all connections

Coral Active for Contact Center Agility



  • Single-pane-of-glass agent desktop
  • 360-degree customer views
  • Automation to offload routine and complex tasks
  • Focus your agents on the customer
  • Improve compliance
  • Reduce training and churn


  • Unify multiple voice and digital solutions in a single desktop
  • Leading CCaaS and legacy CTI systems supported
  • Automation to unify multiple CRM and enterprise systems


  • Platform and Tools for contact center agility
  • Accelerate migration to the cloud without contact center disruption
  • Accelerate IT transformation
  • Agile response to changing business and customer needs
  • Continuous improvement to the agent desktop to drive performance and CX

Drive Contact Center Performance

Agent Satisfaction
Return On Investment
1st Call Resolution
Handling Time
Transfer Rate

Our Customers Demand Seamless Experiences

Contact center agents play a special role in delivering an amazing customer experience to help businesses succeed.

These companies are amongst the many that have deployed the Coral Active Agent Desktop to take their customer experience to the next level while handling billions of interactions.

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The Coral Active Desktop is the first solution our agents have loved

VP Operations, Global Financial
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Customer satisfaction starts with the agent experience

Amazing customer experience helps your business stand out to attract and retain customers. Agents need the right information quickly, no matter where it is.

The Coral Agent Desktop offers an agent environment to deliver a consistent, positive customer experience. Agents have ease of access to critical information with a 360 view of the customer along with support from agent scripts, automation and agent assistant technologies.

Embrace the Cloud Contact Center

Large contact centers are leveraging Coral Active products to accelerate and de-risk migration from on-premise contact centers to cloud services including NICE CXone, Amazon Connect and Genesys Cloud.

Coral is uniquely capable of unifying on-premise and cloud services within a single environment and within each call and customer session. Migrating to the cloud can be simple and seamless.

Coral Active Integrates multiple systems and technologies into a flawless unified interface

Every contact center is different. Large contact centers are more different and more complex than others with more pressure to respond quickly to changing business needs.

Coral active is uniquely placed to integrate the complex diverse systems of large contact centers and then accelerate change with contact center agility. From rapid, large scale deployments and integrating complex systems, to a fully customizable desktop – Coral Active empowers, enhances, and enables an unmatched agent experience, so you can deliver on your customer experience.

Widgets & Integration Framework

  • Fully customizable and supports multiple CCaaS, CTI and CRM
  • Combine leading contact center platforms including NICE, Genesys, Amazon Connect, Twilio, Cisco and Avaya
  • Support for multiple CRM and Business systems including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, ServiceNow, ZenDesk and many others
  • Rapid Change Deployment
  • Crisp clean agent interface to reduce training and increase productivity, less churn!
  • Improve Agent Experience, Customer Satisfaction and Business Performance.