Supervisor Insights

Empower supervisors by giving them the tools that will make their job easier so their team of agents can focus on serving customers. Coral Active’s Supervisor Tools optimizes your team’s performance and gives you insights in real-time.

Direct Distribution

Distribute work items directly, such as back office activities and customer call backs.

Team Chat Capabilities

Group chat capability enhances team collaboration, while direct chat between supervisors and agents boosts efficient communication.

Observe and Coach

Capability to simultaneously monitor agent status and evaluate real-time performance statistics, you get a comprehensive view of your team’s dynamics.

Supervisor Tools

Activity Manager

The Activity Manager tab allows supervisors to oversee and direct agent activities. The panel on the right is the agent activities table. The organization of the table will change when various sorting criteria are applied.

Supervisor Activity Manager

Activity Manager Reports

The Coral Active Supervisor tool provides sophisticated functions for monitoring agent activities data. The data collated to generate reports is configurable, and as such, each setup may produce different reports than what is demonstrated within this document

Agent Activities Tracker

The Agent Activities tab presents a seamless way for supervisors to monitor their team. Positioned on the left of the table, you’ll find the agents listed, with their current status represented by either a green or grey icon adjacent to their name.