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A Productive Team is
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Supercharge Productivity

63 percent of executives cited integration with existing systems as the biggest obstacle to productivity and ROI. This information parallels the most important attributes of a successful customer experience:

Coral Active Desktop increases your contact center productivity by being: easy to use, integrate, manage, and customize to deliver supervisor insights, automation, and elevate agent experience.

Enhance agent performance and motivation in the contact center. Enable agents and supervisors to receive and provide regular feedback on how well they’re engaging with customers.


Looking for new ways to recognize and reward agents while increasing their productivity?
Want to increase profits, retention, and quality?

Unlock new levels of customer satisfaction and unleash your agents’ full potential with Coral Active Gamification.
Engage agents on an emotional level and motivate them to achieve goals through gamification.

Motivated Agents

  • Gives a comprehensive view of all interactions a customer has experienced within your company
  • Provides easy access to summary data
  • Facilitates unrivalled insights into the customer experience

Gamification Benefits

  • Increases productivity
  • Improves morale
  • Increases staff retention
  • Maximises quality

Further engage your workforce with a sense of fun and satisfaction through Awards and Game Master.