Desktop Automation

Coral Automation boosts agent performance
  • Offload routine agent tasks
  • Simplify complex tasks
  • Unify multiple CRMs, databases, CCaaS and CTI
  • Improve compliance

Configuration, Not Code

Through the use of Coral Active’s Desktop Orchestration, your Agent Desktop seamlessly integrates with all your CRM and business apps in real-time. Consequently, this fuels automation across an extensive range of connected systems.

As an easily extensible and configurable solution, Coral Active’s Desktop Orchestration tailors itself to each customer and interaction type. Furthermore, it supplies rich analytics that enable quick adaptations while maintaining comprehensive control and insight.

Agents Benefits

The Coral Orchestration widget offers you the ease to arrange integrated web applications flexibly. It optimizes user experience efficiency while reducing complex training needs, creating a smooth transition towards an user-friendly setup.

Automated Application Window Management

The application UI definitions can be scripted to run multiple, simultaneous applications such as:

Single-window/multiple iframe mode, applications can run side-by-side for simultaneous access.

Multiple-window mode, used for websites that do not support running within iframe, or where agents use dual monitors and require the application windows to appear on both

Hybrid mode, providing a combination of single-window and multiple-window modes to fit application workspace requirements.

Automate Almost Anything

Coral Active’s capabilities let us integrate and automate virtually any technology in your contact center. Consequently, we reduce wasted time, speed up call resolutions, and ultimately elevate the customer experience.


Coral One Voice integrates seamlessly with leading Cloud Contact Center (CCaaS) and legacy voice solutions, such as NICE CXone, Amazon Connect, Genesys Cloud, Genesys Engage, Cisco, Avaya, Twilio, and many others, leveraging automation to drive efficiency and effectiveness.


Coral One Messaging assimilates seamlessly with SMS, social media, email, and an array of other digital channels. Subsequently, its automation capability enhances communication fluidity and operational efficiency.


Automation powers the integration with a diverse range of Enterprise systems, encompassing:

  • CRM: Salesforce, ServiceNow, Siebel, Oracle, Zendesk and many more
  • Database: Oracle, Amazon RDS, Microsoft Azure SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL and more
  • Single Sign-On Solutions: SAML, PingIdentity, Okta and more
  • Custom APIs: REST, SOAP, WebSockets
  • Legacy databases and systems, and even IBM 3270 scraping

The agent desktop is connected to the leading AI solutions through automation:

  • Agent Assist and Recommendations
  • Google Dialogflow, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Amazon Lex
  •, ZingTree and AI for contact centers

Automation Saves Time

Basic CRM AutomationSave 30-90 seconds per call / digital interaction
Dual CRM automationSave 60-180 seconds per call / digital interaction
5 Application
fully-integrated orchestration
Save 60-240 seconds per call / digital interaction
Transfers with accurate contextual dataSave 90 seconds per transferred call/digital interaction