Customer Experience

Customers Expect to Be Able to Select Their Preferred Channel when Dealing with Your Business

Customer Channel Preference

Source: Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service

Companies Handle Complex Interactions To Meet Customer Demands

Customer expectations continue to rise as contact volume continues to grow. They want companies to hear them, understand them, and appreciate them.

American Express has found that 84% of customers would pay more to have a better customer experience.

53% of customers would spend more with a brand if they could switch channels or devices to continue a conversation without starting over or repeating information, says The Digital Disconnect.

Customer Journey

Coral Active’s Customer Journey widget shows all customer interactions across the enterprise.

With an extensible set of activity types it:

  • Gives a comprehensive view of all interactions a customer has experienced within your company
  • Provides easy access to summary data
  • Facilitates unrivalled insights into the customer experience