Fully Automated, Fully Customizable Desktop

Why Coral Active

Coral Active offers a unique combination of a flexible fully customizable agent desktop backed by powerful automation and orchestration.

Coral Active allows your contact center agents to focused on your customers. Coral makes this so much simpler and will make agents more productive and satisfied.

Another advantage of using the cloud is fast deployment. Coral Active has a proven track record of complex large scale deployments at sites with over 30,000 agents. Our platform is ideally suited for everything from Telco grade hosted providers, businesses with multiple divisions, and call centers with 1,000 agents that want to provide a best in class solution for their agents to raise retention.

We offer a fully customizable desktop designed to support multiple CTI platforms and CRMs with crisp clean agent interface to reduce training, increase agent productivity, and raise agent satisfaction. With Coral Active you can update, consolidate, and upgrade your systems in weeks – not months.

Seamless Integration, Unified Interface

Coral Active’s team has a strong technical background and can help you make the transition to Coral Active Desktop smoothly. We offer the world’s most advanced and scalable fully featured web agent.

Browser-Only Solution

It is a true browser-only solution that provides full CTI/telephony functionality and multi-system integration with no software to be deployed on any agent’s desktop.

Instantaneous Changes

The solution will enable you to implement changes instantaneously across thousands of agents, revolutionizing how agents utilize the desktop. Available functionality will be current and relevant, enabling agents to support the latest products and services for your end customers.

Coral Active Capabilities


Coral SDK enables full customization to modify widgets, build custom widgets, rebrand and automate. It uses standard web technologies: HTML, CSS and JS supporting leading browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.


Coral Automation allows every desktop component to be automated. Offload repetitive and complex tasks from the agent and improve compliance.


Central configuration and management allows changes to be deployed instantaneously across thousands of agents.


Can easily operate with multiple CCaaS and CTI platforms and telephony solutions – including NICE CXone, Amazon Connect, Genesys, Cisco, Twilio and Avaya. The solution can run simultaneously across multiple platforms giving contact centers a future-proof solution and their vendor priorities evolve.


Has been designed for carrier grade availability, reliability and scalability. Coral Active runs on standard cloud infrastructure – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud – as well as standard Linux/x86 equipment, with industry-leading performance, density and reliability.


Our multi-tenancy capabilities enable customers to deploy easily to multiple agent groups, business units and geographic locations with a shared infrastructure, offering different branding and features, with easy centralized control.