Upgrade Your Operations

Harness the Cloud to Improve Your Contact Center

49% of contact centers are increasing investments in technology, says a recent industry report by Customer Contact Week Digital.


Contact centers are complex environments, requiring more technology and higher expectations for agents’ performance. Coral Active’s suite of operational administrative tools enable companies to configure all aspects of the agent interface from a central, browser-only desktop.


Deploy a handful of high-density servers to support large-scale desktop rollouts


Deploy into new departments without any customization or desktop rollout


Global enactment of real-time configuration changes happens centrally.


Command-line tools for management, configuration and snapshot backup and restore of all system configuration


The system enables the flexibility to move agents, hotdesk, and rebuild/add workstations any time, as it stores no user or session data on the clients.


Central updates enact real-time configuration changes globally.

Adaptable UI

With Coral Active’s intuitive design, you can make instantaneous changes to your desktop layout and style. Transformations that traditionally take weeks or months can now be accomplished in mere hours. Additionally, implementing and reversing changes has never been faster, allowing for swift rollouts and rollbacks. Respond to business changes rapidly and then monitor remotely.

Dynamic Interface

Utilizing Coral Active’s KVP behavioral mapping, you can thoughtfully customize the desktop presentation. Consequently, this enhancement significantly elevates the agent’s experience.