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Scalable, Robust Architecture

A great experience is built on a solid foundation. Designed from the ground up for large scale multi tenant deployments, Coral Active Desktop scales to meet the most demanding contact center workloads.

It’s built upon open standards to deliver a powerful, flexible solution – for on prem, cloud, or both.

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  • Sales
  • Support
  • Accounts


  • Sales
  • Support
  • Accounts


  • Sales
  • Support
  • Accounts

Multi Tenancy

Coral Active’s Multi Tenancy is like a virtual machine for your CTI. It enables a single system provider to give a Coral Active instance to multiple organizations, as if they each had their own Coral Active system.

Each tenant can have unique behaviors:

  • Dedicated or shared CTI connectivity
  • Personalized desktop layouts
  • White labeled branding

The tenants can safely share hardware, IT support, databases, software licences and other common resources.

Leverage Cloud Technology

Each tenant can include resources from various cloud systems. This is perfect for larger and more complex contact centers.

Reef Framework

Coral Active’s “Reef” Framework is the core component of the architecture. The Reef Framework mediates communications between:

  • Desktop browsers used by agents, supervisors, and administrators as softphones, chat tools, administrative components, etc
  • Adapters that connect Coral Active to CTI, chat platforms, CRM, and database systems
  • Coral Active’s configuration and login systems
  • A mesh network that provides instantaneous communication between any points within the network
Coral Active Architecture

Agility with the Reef

Integrate Properly to Your Business Systems

A mesh network that provides instantaneous communications between any points within the network.

Extend & Enhance

The adapter architecture allows for the implementation and rollout of new points of connectivity. This provides for rapid development of site-specific adapters and corresponding client-side tools.


Create Custom Adapters

Customers can create adapters for their existing business systems or engage our Services team. Even better, Coral Active can immediately communicate directly to established web services layers.


Eliminate Desktop Rollouts

Changes in configuration, new components and back-end changes are applied immediately to all Coral Active browser sessions.




All communication from the Reef Framework to client desktops is encrypted over SSL links.

All sensitive database content is encrypted including logins, passwords and caller / customer data. Coral Active also supports:

  • Suppression of client-side logging of sensitive data
  • Encryption of communication to CTI, CRM, databases and other IT systems (for those systems that provide secure communication protocols)

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