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Empower Your Agents With the Impossible


Coral Active has built a platform that orchestrates a virtually unlimited number of CRM and CTI systems into a dynamic interface that:

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Simplifies contact center workflows

Facilitates changes across the system faster, at scale

Increases availability of knowledge and insights

For too long, contact center businesses have relied on clunky desktop screen scrapers and automation suites to perform the desktop-CRM integration.

With Coral Active’s Desktop Orchestration, the Agent Desktop is now fully integrated to all of your CRM and business apps in real-time, driving automation across any number of connected systems:

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Unify Systems with Coral Active


Coral Active’s Multi Tenancy is like a virtual machine for your CTI. It’s widely applied in the cloud and allows a single system to operate for multiple owners, who function as Coral Active tenants as if they each had their own Coral Active system.


The Coral Active “Reef” Framework allows direct connectivity to web services, data stores, and other corporate IT systems and mediates with a central service.

Fully Encrypted

All communication from the Coral Active “Reef” Framework to client desktops is encrypted.