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Amazon Connect & Coral Active

Coral Active is a Registered Technology Partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN)

Coral Active supports Amazon Connect for companies worldwide by providing a multi-solution, integrated contact center interface with desktop functionality, that integrates to the Amazon Connect platform.

Watch Coral Active and Amazon Connect Work Together

Coral Active helps you both migrate to, and integrate your existing systems with Amazon Connect.

The result is a dynamic integration and automation engine which bridges Amazon Connect with the world’s leading cloud CTI, CRMs and business apps in real-time, all while driving automation across any number of connected systems like Salesforce, Service Now, Siebel, Zendesk and many more.

How Coral Active Integrates With Amazon Connect


Coral Active guides seamless migration to Amazon Connect from other contact center platforms.


Coral Active’s integration framework provides a single, cloud-based interface, with desktop functionality, that allows Amazon Connect to run concurrently with multiple CRMs and CTIs.


Coral Active’s automation engine drives customized integration patterns inside the Amazon Connect environment.


Coral Active allows companies to have agents seamlessly transition from their on-premise system to Amazon Connect. Run both at the same time, with the same tools. Your agents will feel no pain.

Customer Wins

Major Telco Needs an Agile Migration to a New Digital Process

A major Telco needed a more secure method than their current on-premise CTI offered for connecting thousands of point-of-sale employees with contact center agents.

The Amazon Connect platform was utilized to route the point-of-sale calls to the contact center and the entire process was managed via AWS Hosted Web Forms.

Coral Active streamlined the migration by providing a common Agent Desktop which allowed the contact center employees to simultaneously access the full functionality of the previous on-premise CTI solutions and service the point-of-sale queries via the new Amazon Connect platform, all in one unified, intuitive interface.


Multinational Telco Needs to On-board Foreign Contact Centers

A multinational Telco needed to bring multiple, disparate foreign contact centers under centralized corporate control.

On-boarding the Coral Active Desktop at all contact center sites prior to deployment of Amazon Connect at the international locations made the transition simple.

Coral Active provided a singular platform for the two Voice/CTI technologies, on-premise CTI and Amazon Connect, to operate on the same intuitive Desktop interface. This allowed existing local employees to continue operating in their site-specific, on-premise CTI environments during the migration. Remote and international contact center employees using Amazon Connect were then able to operate under the same infrastructure, automation, and functionality as the local contact center employees.

Coral Active & Amazon Connect Use Cases



We help worldwide Amazon Connect clients have a smooth transition from traditional on-premise CTI technology to the Amazon Connect platform and allow all existing functionality to be retained while transitioning from the old system to the new.



We supply Amazon Connect customers with powerful system integration capabilities which streamline and mediate communication between all systems involved — all while providing the fastest, most reliable, and most flexible agent-facing desktop in the industry.



Our powerful automation engine allows call data to trigger CRM screen pops, initiate workflows, and perform real-time API and database queries. Common Amazon Connect + Coral Active integration patterns include:

  • Screen pop and automated case management in Salesforce
  • Screen pop and contact creation in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Combination of Salesforce and homegrown Customer Information Systems

Architectures for Coral with Amazon Connect

Why Coral Active

Give Your Agents the Optimum Experience and Your Customers will Thank you.

Run multiple CTI platforms in unison. Have the freedom to update your pre-existing system.


Makes converting over to Amazon Connect seamless. Zero agent impact.


Remove up to 12 months from your transition plan. Watch all of your integration issues disappear.


Only Coral Active can run your old and new system together. Have the freedom to choose the best from each.


Changing and integrating your CTI and CRM platforms can be the bain of any project. Our CRM integrations make it easy, resulting in a fast and flexible agent desktop.


No more specialists needed to make platform changes.

What Makes Coral Active Different?

Coral Active is Fast. Coral Active is Reliable. Coral Active is Flexible.

These distinctive features allow Amazon Connect users to easily implement individualized workflows that increase interaction quality, reduce call times, and lead to lower costs and increased customer satisfaction.



Coral Active has the unique ability to drive multiple CRM systems and Amazon Connect simultaneously, with multiple contact center technology stacks, including on-premise CTI, making all of your systems work together.


Configuration, Not Code

Coral Active provides cross-system communication and orchestration to Amazon Connect customers, without the need to develop and rely on code.



Coral Active offers a powerful, event-based integration engine, allowing Amazon Connect customers to define rules and actions based on CTI events.



Coral Active integrates text messaging technology (Twitter, chat, SMS, email) within the same interface as Amazon Connect Voice, providing omnichannel capability for digital engagement.

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Let us show you how Coral Active can make your Amazon Connect contact center work even better for your company, your agents, and your customers.