Integrations &

Unifying best-of-breed software stacks

Coral has established numerous alliances with industry leaders to provide you with a broad set of integrations across contact centers, CRM applications, digital customer service platforms, and AI assistants and co-pilots. Our technology partnerships allow you to easily connect to the applications you already use or may use in the future, creating unified workspaces for your customer-facing teams. We also work closely with leading system integrators to implement solutions that meet your unique needs. 

Contact Center Platforms
  • Integrate to any contact center platform – on-premises or in the cloud  
  • Connect to multiple contact center software concurrently  
  • Access to all telephony features  
  • Shield your desktop from the cloud migration
Digital Customer Service
  • Integrate digital channels from CCaaS, Digital Customer Service, or CPaaS  
  • Handle emails, live chat, and messaging communications  
  • Support asynchronous messaging 
  • Deliver a consistent experience regardless of the underlying platform  
CRM applications
  • Industry-broadest CRM connectors  
  • REST API for custom integrations  
  • Federate data from multiple CRM and in-house applications
  • Automated activity capture and record updates 
AI Assistants and Co-pilots
  • Built-in framework for human-centered automation  
  • Interactive workflow guidance and activity management  
  • No-code data orchestration across applications
  • Dynamically pull the AI assistant or co-pilot best suited to the task at hand
Consulting and Services
  • Workflow design and optimization
  • Change management
  • Custom integrations
  • Solution deployment